What’s Your Title?

This is FastFit360. The world of efficiency where QA finally has a communication tool. Technical Design can comment quickly. Design can see the results of their vision within hours … without expensive shipping, without email, without waste.
We pose the question, “What’s your title?” because we want to help you understand exactly how our technology applies to your area of responsibility. Creating a successful brand is the result of many people working together within and across organizations; teams contributing their expertise to deliver design, fit and quality products to eager customers.
Everyone knows their role and how to get things done. Here’s how FastFit360 can help your position and others within your organization.

At FastFit360 we’re committed to providing collaborative access to relevant product images and related data to all key participants in the supply chain. This collaboration is the key to end-to-end communication that enables efficient, effective, quality work — whatever your role.

Design – Whether you are challenged with getting huge AI or PSD files to your partners overseas or you desperately want to share an inspirational product with your global partners, FastFit360 helps you fight and win your daily challenges. More importantly, FastFit360 allows you to create a design library of inspirational products. Perhaps you are looking to reduce or eliminate your design inspiration budget by never buying samples? Or maybe you have procured fragile vintage pieces that should never leave your possession? FastFit360 gives designers a tool to communicate their creativity through images. With our touch functionality, a designer can take a picture directly from his or her mobile device (such as an iPhone) and upload it directly to the FastFit360 Cloud. Partners are instantly notified of the image reference and can commence creating the first prototype.

Buying & Merchandising – Trying to get your physical product line around the world can have you running in circles around the clock. FastFit360 helps you capture product and share it instantly with partners globally.

Technical Design – Emails don’t help train your overseas partners on how to fix a problem, but FastFit360 can. Our technology helps you capture movement, drag and torqueing and even gives you a platform to share patterns. Whether you need to explain, review or comment, using pictures always makes the job easier. As we often say: A picture is better than a paragraph! And our analytics allow you to measure variables ranging from lead time to number of samples by season, by vendor and by style. On average, more than 90% of samples fail to be approved because they do not meet the required specifications. FastFit360 enables your team to see what a sample looks like while it is still in region, opening the door for you to communicate with your vendors about revisions and mitigate the number of erroneous samples received. Now, we know what you are thinking: You want a physical sample. … Of course you do! And you should have it, but wouldn’t it be nice to receive a sample, the first time around, that met more of your original requirements? If we see a picture of a pair of trousers on a mannequin in region, we can see it twisted if the inseam is on the knee. If we see a picture of an armhole, we can tell if the shape is wrong. It is as simple as that. FastFit360 allows you to communicate through images in the cloud to tell the story and get the sample right the first time.

Supply Chain Management/Sourcing – Keeping your global relationships thriving on email can be a daunting task. FastFit360 is also a solution for SRM (Supplier Relationship Management) that keeps your partners as close as a Facebook profile. In addition, powerful analytics provide insightful vendor ratings. SRM is now the “buzz” in the industry, but how do we really manage relationships with global partners who are on opposite time zones with language barriers? FastFit360 was developed as a social communication tool for business, to not only manage relationships but make global teams happier and more effective when they are communicating.

Quality Assurance/Quality Control – For too long, in-field quality inspectors have had no tools to see what was approved by the head office, no matter where that office is located. Imagine auditing product at a factory without the latest information, tech pack, BOM or BOS, yet your job requires you to approve goods in production. That unfortunately was the state of the job for many, until FastFit360. Our technology gives QA/QC access to all documentation, images and comments, from airplane to hotel to factory. Now everything is in one place, and all information is accessible from anywhere via the Internet. By having all of the sample workflow stored in the cloud, QA/QC now have access to the history of the product, can efficiently complete their responsibilities and even upload inline audit reports so all of the relevant information is in one place — always.

Information Technology – IT is under staffed, over needed and underappreciated. Supporting all employees with the best tools is not an easy function. Managing the email inbox capacity of hundreds of team members, organizing all the information for an enterprise and making sure your team is happy is an almost impossible feat. That’s why FastFit360’s cloud technology is so appealing. Why? Because FastFit360 provides the infrastructure that traditionally costs millions of dollars to support. To use it, you only need IT’s blessing … not their valuable time.