On average, current clients are recognizing 600% Return on Investment on the difference between shipping bulk vessel versus air. How? It’s simple. If you remove late approvals, all of your styles can ship by sea. There are many returns FastFit360 can provide, depending on your initiatives.

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Tremendous Time Savings:
Development Cycle – 12 weeks down to 26 days
Comment Writing – 2 hours down to 30 minutes

Saved on Shipping Costs:
700 Samples saved in the first 8 months in one brand alone
95% of samples received in New York “Approved” Status

If you would like to watch our client Fishman Tobin’s presentation at an Apparel Event in London about how THEY obtained their ROI, please CLICK HERE.


Would you like us to prepare a Return on Investment analysis tailored to your budgetary process? Here are the questions we’ll ask so our mathematicians can plug your stats into our customized calculator to show you the immediate savings:

  • What’s your time action calendar?
  • How many seasons per year?
  • How many divisions (i.e., men’s, women’s, juniors, etc.)?
  • How many brands within your company?
  • Overall, how many styles do you develop per year?
  • Overall, how many styles do you sample per year?
  • Overall, how many styles do you adopt per year?
  • How many samples do you average per style?
  • How do you ship samples (i.e., FedEx, DHL)?
  • Considering tech design, merchandisers, suppliers, quality assurance, purchasing and all the functions between concept and sales sample, how many users do you anticipate requiring?

If you don’t have all of the answers to the questions above, or just want to talk through your options and the upside,  contact us for a brief 30-minute conference call or web conference to discuss.