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Save money through increased productivity.

The Cloud tool provides “One version of the Truth”. One place for all key information, images and documentation to be shared with global partners.
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The freedom to access information from anywhere, anytime.

FastFit360 gives retailers, brands, manufacturers, developers, suppliers, agents & factories everything they need to focus on what’s important… Reducing the time it takes to get product to market.
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Easy Annotation and Communication

FastFit360 Cloud’s annotation tool is online and integrated so you can upload ANY image, ANY time and annotate it immediately. There is no need to open another program or to email files.
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Calibration between regions

FastFit® Studio was developed to create an environment where 360-degree images of any product can be captured and automatically uploaded to the Cloud for viewing from anywhere in the world.
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FastFit360 revolutionizes the way we work.

“For the first time our team has a system designed for the exact job they do, every single day. How much impact? It’s like giving a Designer who has sketched in pencil their whole life the ability to draw in Illustrator.” – Stephanie Rowe, Saba/Sportscraft
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Standard Operating Procedure.

With a one week implementation, the FastFit360 technology integrates into current processes. It provides a space for all teams to use the same technology, the same way.
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What about security?

At FastFit360 security is of the utmost concern. We know that the style images hosted with us are important and we treat them that way. All data traffic is on port 443 using 128-bit SSL.
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Green workflow

For fashion businesses attuned to environmental issues, cloud computing offers a means of conserving energy, reducing the corporate carbon footprint and saving money on energy expenses.
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FastFit360 reduces development cycles by more than 50% by enabling real time collaboration anywhere in the world. If you have a globally distributed team, we provide the fastest way to communicate globally. Reduce risk & time.



FastFit360’s Secret Sauce

FastFit360 provides Cloud and Studio technology that works in unison for visual communication. We offer three Cloud solutions and three Studio solutions. Our most demanded combination is the large Apparel Studio combined with the Dedicated Cloud. However our clients have creative flexibility to pick and choose whatever combination serves their unique workflow and sample management situation... more


FastFit360 Cloud

Secure place for all key information

The Cloud tool provides one secure place for all key information, images and documentation to be shared with global partners. Used as an advanced communication portal, each customer receives their own web address for global teams to access and search the style images. As a visual workflow tool, design, TD, PD and QA can upload jpegs, review 360 images and annotate with an Online Paint feature... more


FastFit® Studio

Create 360-degree images

The FastFit® Studio creates a photographic environment where 360-degree images, extremely detailed close-ups or movement can be captured. In essence creating video clips, but traditional video clips are too large to email and difficult to FTP. The Studio application takes large video, retains the high quality, reduces the file size, cuts it into frames, zips it, encrypts it, and sends it to the Cloud with an upload manager ... more


FastFit360 Demo

This video is an overview of the FastFit360 technology

Social Business in the Cloud

This video is a fast and flashy rock ‘n roll tour of the FastFit360 technology

FastFit360 Cloud Communication

This video is a longer, smoother ride guiding guests through the FastFit360 technology

"The customer care at FastFit360 is exemplary."

Elain Vaughan GM Supply Chain, APPAREL GROUP PTY LTD

"FastFit360 has been one of my favorite implementations because it’s been so easy."

Valerie Arnold, Director of Business Operations, Patagonia

"We reduced our development cycle from 12 weeks to 26 days."

Samantha Pearlman, Director Technical Design, Global Brands Group