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Sustainable processes include a digital & physical sample strategy

FastFit360 connects virtual product design with real product development. Compare the digital 3D sample with the physical sample today.
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Connect digital innovation with real-time workflow

By combining convenience with digital design, our platform empowers retailers, brands, manufacturers, developers, suppliers, agents & factories to achieve speed and efficiency with mixed-reality design & development.
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AI-photography solutions innovate everywhere

Bring your team together with the flexibility of FastFit360's Live Fittings. Work-from-anywhere photographic tools create visual teamwork unlocking the virtual, physical & real-time product experience within the value chain.
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Unlocking productivity within hybrid

Visual collaboration designed with file share to share your biggest files and chat about your biggest ideas with photos, videos, 3D files, Live Fittings, Illustrator, PDFs, anything. FastFit360 flexibility to work when, where and how it’s best for you and the team.
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Reinventing quality together

IRL, beyond meta, there's a real world where 67% of consumers care about environmental impact. FastFit360 provides sustainable solutions that include a modern, profitable, digital transformation.
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Inclusive includes the 3D ecosystem

Evolving teams share more, struggle less. Learn how we’ve helped thousands of brands gain thousands of hours a year by bridging digital product development with real world collaboration.
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Visual collaboration designed with messaging, file share, photos, videos, 3D files, Live Fittings, Illustrator, PDFs and more.



FastFit360 connects virtual product design with real product development. Our visual collaboration platform combines 3D & physical sampling for efficient, profitable, modern digital workflow. We incorporate Live Fitting with integrations to PLM & ERP proving our flexibility supports all 3D file types with unlimited file share along with traditional sketches, Illustrator & PDFs making us the most inclusive solution.


Our Story

As the pioneer of digital sampling, our visual solutions have increased productivity and achieved corporate initiatives by leveraging the convenience of photographic & 3D workflow. Without shipping, travel or environmental impact, our clients empower creativity, embrace hybrid and mitigate the challenges of mixed-reality development. Our sustainable workflow brings together the digital & physical experience.


AI-360 Studios

Our modern, 360-degree photographic solutions auto rotate to capture product, detailed close-ups & movement. Live Action design helps you easily create high-quality product imagery with AI powered self-adjustment and zoom. FastFit Studio options remastered with Live Fitting capabilities work from home, on-the-go or at the office. Both real-time and asynchronous photography successfully solved!


FastFit360 Demo

This video is an overview of the FastFit360 technology

Social Business in the Cloud

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FastFit360 Cloud Communication

This video is a longer, smoother ride guiding guests through the FastFit360 technology

"The customer care at FastFit360 is exemplary."

Elain Vaughan GM Supply Chain, APPAREL GROUP PTY LTD

"FastFit360 has been one of my favorite implementations because it’s been so easy."

Valerie Arnold, Director of Business Operations, Patagonia

"We reduced our development cycle from 12 weeks to 26 days."

Samantha Pearlman, Director Technical Design, Global Brands Group