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FastFit360 ‘Bursts’ into MAGIC

FastFit360 ‘Bursts’ into MAGIC

FastFit360 ‘Bursts’ into MAGIC

‘Burst’ the game changing feature is already the ‘Buzz’ of the fashion industry

LAS VEGAS — February 5, 2014 — FastFit360 is excited to announce that Burst, a game-changing feature in the Cloud for the retail industry, will be creating a buzz for thousands of SOURCING at MAGIC attendees Feb. 17-20 in Las Vegas.

“Bursting” onto the MAGIC scene, this latest innovation from FastFit360 will be showcased for attendees in the aptly named “Buzz Boutique — Where Fashion Meets Technology.” FastFit360 will be located in Booth #90406, South Hall/Upper Level, of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Coined the most innovative mobile technology to hit the fashion industry, FastFit360’s Burst empowers retail industry professionals to simply and instantly capture videos on their mobile devices, and then share their ideas globally within the supply chain, speeding new products to the selling floor. Burst is compatible with iPhones, iPads and Android devices, leveraging the mobile browser and camera which we all cannot live without. Image and video files are seamlessly uploaded to the FastFit360 cloud. No hardware infrastructure investment or studio equipment is required.

“Burst is built for mobility. The software delivers what the fashion industry has been demanding for years — an affordable, intuitive, scalable solution for global communication, e-sampling® and product development,” said FastFit360 President Ilona Kalina, who will speak during the MAGIC seminar, “Fashion Is Rocking With New Technology.”

“If we look at how the world is socializing – Instagram, Vine even Facebook wouldn’t exist without images. Our clients recognize that our technology champions the use of images as an international language. Burst is just the latest step to provide the power of a Studio in anyone’s hands. Video tells a strong story which is a more efficient form of communication than words,” said Roxy Starr, executive vice president, design and development, FastFit360.

Burst is the latest addition to FastFit360’s Cloud communication tool for workflow management, which leverages the power of social, mobile and image technology. The name “Burst” is inspired by the burst mode of photography that captures multiple photographs in quick succession. With Burst, any FastFit360 user can use their mobile device to capture videos from the runway to the street — basically anywhere they encounter visuals they want to record, organize and share. Because most people take pictures and email it to themselves to email them again, Burst provides an integrated solution to convey anything from design inspiration to construction ideas, fit guidance, color and trend direction to quality defects.  The game changing aspect of Burst is that it opens the door to capturing every type of product imaginable. FastFit360 is not just used for product samples anymore, clients are getting the big picture of all product types from display cases to furniture to packaging to bulk in distribution centers.

After capturing a video on a mobile device with Burst, users are seamlessly presented with frames they wish to sort and annotate, enabling them to focus on issues and share visual data with colleagues and business partners globally or locally. FastFit360’s software-as-a-service technology automatically compresses the video files into manageable frames so the user can quickly annotate and share only the most relevant visual images. The customer does not need to open multiple editing programs, send e-mails or attachments, or wait for large files to process. Instead, the entire one-step process of capturing and uploading occurs automatically inside the FastFit360 Cloud solution.

Burst is available standard, at no extra charge, to all FastFit360 customers.

FastFit360’s e-sample® process enables designers, product developers, technical designers, quality assurance officers, sourcing managers and other fashion professionals to communicate globally about products in a real-time, secure, social inspired environment. The core technology is based on communicating visually through easy sharing of high-quality images and videos.

For more information, visit, e-mail [email protected] or call US +1-702-997-1820. Connect with FastFit360 on LinkedIn, follow us @FastFit360, or join us on Facebook.

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