The applications of FastFit360 are endless. Our ethos surrounds image communication. Therefore, our communication products and services can be used from high-fashion to basic apparel as well as footwear and accessories. From startups to the largest corporations, FastFit360 can help your teams bring products to market faster than ever before. Here are some of the industries that utilize FastFit360 and some of the benefits they enjoy.


Industries Apparel
On Time. On Budget. On Trend.
FastFit360 is a cloud technology tool for communication of images between suppliers, global offices and internal teams. The concept is simple. We eliminate the burden and expense of shipping and receiving samples that don’t meet your original requirements. Instead, we enable you and your production partners to capture high-resolution, small-file-size images and to exchange them and communicate about them, simultaneously, in the cloud.FastFit360 streamlines product development by unifying design, technical design, product development, QA, QC, supply chain management and sourcing. With distributed teams, one version of the truth is essential. Our promise is to deliver that truth with a simple 3-step social communications solution for business. In other words, you won’t find any hidden layers of complexity in our solution. Using FastFit360 is a lot like using social media technology. Whether you’re communicating revisions to a sample or supplementing an annotated image with tech pack documentation, we commit to you that you will be able to accomplish your task within 3 simple steps or less with FastFit360. With only a 1-week implementation period, apparel teams are immediately happier and more productive.


Industries Retail
Streamlining Private Label Processes. Maximizing Profits.

Fashion retailers have their sight steadily focused on enabling faster, more streamlined communication during product development and production.

With the fast-changing dynamics of retail today, rethinking the way you do business is a necessity, including your product development process. Whether you are an in-house brand or outsourcing your private label products, everyone is feeling the pressure of industry challenges to deliver the right products, at the right price, at the right time. Leading retailers recognize the benefits of private label development are greater than any of the challenges and are turning to FastFit360 to update or even redesign their product development and production processes, including the adoption of cloud-based sample management.

Footwear, Accessories & Jewelry

Industries Footwear, Accessories & Jewelry
Consistency of Image Matters
At FastFit360, we recognize that footwear, accessories and jewelry brands have unique design, product development and production processes. Whether your product is an extension of a major fashion label or a niche brand, FastFit360 can ensure your global design, product development, sourcing and QC processes run quickly and efficiently. We have solutions tailored to the specific needs of footwear, accessories and jewelry companies, including special shooting tables, product stands and lighting configurations. If your product is part of a broader fashion collection, our promise for global consistency in image capture will result in optimal quality for the brand across product categories.