Standard Operating Procedure

In today’s competitive apparel and retail environment, those words of wisdom, “You can’t manage what you can’t measure,” never were truer. Fashion brands and retailers recognize they need Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for everything they do.

FastFit360 has deep experience in working with fashion businesses to integrate its visual communication technology into the standard workflow. FastFit360 also is ready to assist companies which want to streamline their SOP for everything from design, product development and pre-production to quality assurance and labeling.

Don’t have any SOP? No problem. We’re glad to help you build this important roadmap from scratch. Why? Because we firmly believe that to yield the maximum ROI from FastFit360, you must integrate the technology into a strong foundation. We’ll help you evaluate and retool the big picture of how you bring product to market, and ensure all users understand their roles in the process.