FastFit360 Cloud Solutions

FastFit360 Private Cloud

Our most popular product, FastFit360 Private Cloud is ideal for companies requiring between 25 and 800 named user licenses. It’s perfect for established companies and vendors with regional, liaison or overseas offices or agents. The major benefit of FastFit360 Private Cloud is the high level of security maintained for your business. The solution requires only your IT department’s blessing, not their precious time to maintain. Your business and designated partners access FastFit360 Private Cloud through a private, customized, secure URL. This solution is ideal if your IT department demands rigorous security checkpoints throughout the development/production process, and your top initiative is speed to market.

Hosted & Managed Infrastructure:

With FastFit360 Private Cloud, companies do not have to drain valuable IT resources on hardware or upgrades when you grow. Our solution is elastic, which means FastFit360 is scalable and available to the ends of the world. FastFit360 provides the software and hardware infrastructure, so you never have to worry about upgrades, data redundancy, or internal server reliability and storage space. We handle all of that for your business. Each employee can view pages at the same time, login from anywhere, and there is no limit to how many people access the site at once.

Basic Plan Includes:

10GB, Enterprise class Serial-Attached-SCSI (SAS) in a RAID 10 disk array. Sustained bandwidth is 6.0 Gb/sec direct bus to the application server. For reliability, these drives have a BER (bit error rate) 10x better than consumer SATA drives and MTFB (mean time between failure) 50% longer. 24/7 ping and HTTP monitoring, Cisco firewalls, disk I/O, bandwidth and dedicated IP.

FastFit360 Enterprise Cloud

This product is geared for larger corporations requiring absolute control of their IT systems by their IT teams. Some customers simply want their information within their four walls. Enterprise Cloud is ideal for companies with stringent risk mitigation policies, including limited systems access for some supply partners. FastFit360 deploys the application on servers leased by your business, or on internal servers that meet the FastFit360 specification. As the customer, you have the flexibility to decide where your data resides.  Your firm provides root access to the application for maintenance and upgrades. If your IT infrastructure is robust, and you already have a large application management group in place, this solution is geared to you. Multinational clients are leveraging FastFit360 Enterprise Cloud to widen the scope of utilizing FastFit360 for all critical areas of their business, shorten cycle times and reduce shipping costs. We are ready to help you achieve your goals.

Shared Cloud

Addlane Shared Cloud is the ideal collaborative tool for companies requiring 2 to 25 named user licenses. Do you have a small- to mid-sized design and development team which needs a solution for stronger communication with one to five overseas factories? This is the solution for you. Say good-bye to emailing or using cumbersome FTP sites to transfer large image files. Delivered via the software-as-a-service delivery model, Addlane Shared Cloud offers all the tools you need to accelerate design and sampling, upload your tech packs and store your approved product images. This solution also provides a communication tool for sample management which is super-easy to use. Simply log in through our shared portal, and away you go! It’s that simple. Clients compare it to using social media — but with the analytics and data security of a B2B solution.