FastFit360 Analytics

In the fast-paced world of product development, time is money. We recognize our clients’ demand for accurate, real-time visibility into the status of styles — by season and by vendor. FastFit360 Analytics, a standard feature of our FastFit360 Cloud solution, provides dashboard reports of a wide array of metrics with the click of a button. Need a tool for vendor rating? Look no further. Just a few of the reports from FastFit360 Analytics include:

  • Average number of prototypes per style
  • Number of dropped styles
  • Average number of prototypes per dropped style
  • Number of prototypes prior to style approval
  • Prototype transit time
  • Sample turnaround time
  • Average development time by factory

Are you ready to gain actionable insight into your product development lead times and vendor performance? Activate FastFit360 Analytics today.